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Do you know what’s fucked? — I’ve been a PT with no followers much longer than I have been “that guy from Insta.” — I’m not from Insta/FB mate. I’m from the gym floor, I’ve spent thousands of days of my career waking seeing 4 on my alarm clock getting in for my 6am. — — I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over several years attending seminars and workshops as a fucking nobody — which worked out great for me. — I learnt everything I know now quite simply doing my job. But do you want to know why YOU think I am “knowledgeable”? — Because the new era fucktards are going into gyms recording workouts to Drake’s new songs, swinging their legs in the air randomly and waving their arse in your face in a sponsored pair of leggings. — It disgusts me the amount of “fit chick influencers” with 900k followers who sell plans. Yet they’re not even qualified to do so and they can’t even move a weight properly, create tension on a muscle or sit in a squat properly. They’re making shit up on the spot purely for engagement. — . So next time you buy into a “booty plan” and wonder why you didn’t learn much. It’s because you misinterpreted a large following and a blue tick for ACTUALLY knowing what the fuck you’re doing. — It’s amazing what a pair of Lululemon leggings, a full face of make up and taking your DSLR into ONE LDN can do to distort actual good form and good advice out the fitness industry. — . Stay in your lane, or at least learn to squat — you’re killing the industry and it’s painful to see. James

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Джеймс Смит Инстаграм

Джеймс Смит в Инстаграме
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